gq1 series dual power automatic transfer switch-2024欧洲杯买球软件

an introduction to

the product adopts the electromechanical integration designcompact, beautiful shape, small volumeunique humanized designmake the electric operation and reliablemanual easilywith the latest high speed single chip embedded microcontroller is completely isolated processing system as the core of the controllerelectromagnetic compatibility design, strong resistance to disturbance degree, long-term and stable workreliably realize all kinds of signal input and output automaticallypreliminary realize digital, intelligent, network, etcwidely used in fire fighting, hospitals, banks, high-rise building etc are not allowed to the important place of power supply of power to lose, such as power distribution system and automation system

applicable environment and installation condition
1, installation height should not exceed 2000 metres above sea level
2, ambient air temperature is 25 ℃ to + 40 ℃, and the average temperature of no more than 24 hours + 35 ℃.
3, air relative humidity at the highest temperature is + 40 ℃ less than 50%at low temperature can be allowed to have higher relative humiditythe wet month month average minimum temperature does not exceed + 25 ℃the average maximum relative humidity is not more than 90% of the monthif due to temperature changes happen condensation on the productprotection measures should be taken
4, pollution levels for level 3install category iii class
5, no explosion danger of mediumand no enough to corrosion and damage the insulation medium of gas and dust
6, no significant shake and shock vibration