gw6 intelligent low-voltage universal type circuit breaker model and meaning

gw6g universal type isolating switch type and meaning

applicable environment and installation condition

ambient air temperature is not more than + 40 ℃ and not lower than 5 ℃, 35 ℃ and average no more than 24 h + (special orders except)
the altitude does not exceed 2000 m installation site
when the maximum temperature of 40 ℃ around, air relative humidity is not more than 50%;at lower temperatures, may have a higher relative humidity, such as 20 ℃ at 90%, due to temperature change occasionally produce gel special measures should be taken
circuit breaker shall be installed in accordance with the requirements of this manual installation.the vertical slope of the circuit breaker is not more than 5 °, the circuit breaker main circuit and under voltage trip coils, power transformer for the installation of the primary coil category iv, the rest of the auxiliary circuit, control circuit for ⅲ installation category
pollution levels for level 3
circuit breaker generally adopt open installation, protection grade can achieve ip30;circuit breaker installed in the cabinet put oneself in another's small indoor, adding frame, protection grade can achieve ip40;installed in the cabinet put oneself in another's small indoor and mounted to the frame and the transparent cover, protection grade can reach ip54

technical parameters