the application fields and technical characteristics
substation dc system supply station in relay protection and safety automatic device, the control signal circuit, emergency lighting power supply, relay protection and automatic device and circuit breaker action is the basic guarantee of present, the circuit breaker and fuse is the most widely used in substation dc system protection appliances, mainly in the loop fault there are selectively removed, the faults of the system will be limited to a minimum range.circuit breaker and fuse often require multiple levels in series, the selective protection between higher and lower is the important condition of ensuring safe and reliable operation of the power system.
gm5-63 series of polarity of small dc current limiting circuit breaker has a superb performance, strong breaking capacity, can accurate protection relay protection and automatic device against overload, short circuit fault.beijing people's electric co., ltd., according to gm5-63 current limiting, arcing ability advantage, after a lot of comprehensive scientific experiments, can be realized under 3000 ah dc system in main () screen, screen protection, relay, the selective protection between the anode.
gm5-63 series of polarity dc circuit breaker has a reversible protection, no positive, negative, can be up and down into the line, avoid caused by wrong wiring circuit breaker burned causing significant dc screen fire accident.

model and meaning

the main technical parameters