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an overview of the
gc2 series switch capacitor contactorhereinafter referred to as the contactormainly applied to ac 50 hzrated voltage 380 v electric power capacitor compensation loop through and breakingto adjust the power factor of power systemcontactor suppress flow abilitymake through to the peak flow is not more than 20 times the rated working currentworking conditions are the same as the gc1 series contactor shall apply
gc2 series switch capacitor contactorbecause it is on the b series ac contactor products derived formso the technical performance indicators in addition to the mechanical and electrical life lifethe rest of the technical performance and b series ac contactor same current specifications of the products is the samethis product adopts the two groups on either side of the assembly in the contactor special auxiliary contacts and current limiting and forced a discharge resistorwhen the input capacitorsfirst by the string of limited flow resistance of the auxiliary contact closurethe capacitor charging into the current limit within the capacitor rated current ie 20 timesthenclosed contact the main contactto appear the second time of surge current also limits within 20 timesthis structure than the original contactor + current-limiting reactoromit a set of contactor and reactorinvestment costs have bigger savingsthe species overcoming cj16 contactorno discharge resistance cj19 series contactorthe second input to a capacitor residual voltage is too highso that the contactor to burn resistoreven contact welding defectswith a discharge resistorwhen the contactor will run capacitor after cut away from the gridspecial auxiliary contactor contact closed normally closed contactsby forcing the capacitor discharge resistor nipple dischargein order to make sure the capacitor in the second to drop its remaining voltage less than 50 vmeet the requirements of technical conditionsto avoid the current limiting resistor burning and welding contact the main contactgc2 series 5 current specifications of the switch capacitor contactoradvanced design is novel, high operating reliabilityhigh technical and economic indicatorscompensation capacitor is an indispensable component in the cupboard
conform to the standard
gb 14048.4、iec 60947-4-1
the product model and meaning

technical parameters
the auxiliary contact groupthe top of the contactor can be equipped with ca7-10 or ca7-01 auxiliary contact groupthe required number of another ordergc2-32, 43, is no more than fourno more than 6 gc2-63 ~ 63)。
except the gc2-32 ontology with a set of normally open auxiliary contactsgc2-43-85 did not bring the auxiliary contact
pollution levelslevel 3
level 3ip20
the environment temperature:-5℃ ~ +40℃。
storage temperature:-25℃ ~ +55℃。
install the categorythe overvoltage category):ⅲ class

the altitudeno more than 2, 000 meters

technical parameters