gmmp -2024欧洲杯买球软件

scope of application

gmmp - 40 series molded case circuit breaker, the rated working voltage of to dc1000v (2), dc1500v (3), rated current for 40 a, 6 a to apply light volt generating system.circuit breaker with overload and short circuit protection function, can protect the transmission lines and power equipment from being damaged

using the environment
altitude 2000 m and belowmore than 2000 m need to let use reductionas shown in the drop capacity chartsother special requirement, please contact the manufacturer
in the absence of explosion danger of mediumand medium without enough metal corrosion and damage the insulation of conductive dust and gas
execution standard
● gb 14048.2-2008《low voltage switchgear and control equipment part 2 _ circuit breaker
product characteristics is introduced
gmmp - 40 photovoltaic with airtight miniature circuit breaker has the characteristics of high isolation capability is strong, waterproof gradeunder the condition of load and reliable circuit on or off load;

this kind of circuit breaker with functions of padlockcan effectively prevent wrong operation

model and meaning