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we mentioned
solar power system communication junction box and component requirements
the environment temperature protection appliances (circuit breaker)
● 50 °c
in line with the requirements of photovoltaic system performance
rated voltage in ac480 ~ 690 v pv breaker, should be carried out in accordance with the ul489 circuit breaker rating of 100%
in accordance with ul 489 b extreme environmental cycling test
50 high and low temperature cycle, each cycle includes 15 minutes to 40 ℃ low temperature and followed by 15 minutes of 90 ℃ high temperature (any appropriate temperature gradient).the sample (s) at the end of the 50 cycles, will be in 23 ℃ 3 ℃ keep at room temperature for at least three hours.when placed after 3 h at room temperature, the breaker will be ul489 calibration of 200% of the current test, tripping time should be no more than ul489 the requirement in table allowed range
runtime environment
operating temperature: 25 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
storage temperature: - 45 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
temperature change is big, heat bilges cold shrink significantly
special customized according to actual situation
working voltage
working voltage: ac480v
high degree of protection
plant set up in the desert, part used in damp and rainy region has high requirements of the corrosion, cabinet put oneself in another's protection grade requirements as much as: ip65
high sea dials high
the qinghai-tibet plateau is higher than the average elevation of 4000 meters, heat dissipation, rated voltage drop obviously

technical parameters