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applications and technical features:
gm5b - 40 three protect small dc circuit breaker electronic delay the application of advanced control technologyfault current sampling device and a series of our proprietary technology,improves the performance of the short time delay action has nothing to do with the power supply voltage, basic no voltage at rated current electronic control circuit, has realized the volume small, the time delay precision, product service life and high reliability of the power to protect the purpose of the system requirements, improve the support capability of dc power supply.
gm5b - 40 three protect small dc circuit breaker is the core of our new product independent development project, is a dc power distribution protection areas a major technological breakthrough, in addition to the time delay function advantages of accurate, reliable, and the smallest year-on-year (gmb32 width is 72 mm).in effectively reduce power distribution electrical space occupying space at the same time, also will greatly improve the protection level of dc power supply system.

gm5b - 40 three protect small dc circuit breaker, the successful development of not only meet the domestic and international market for high precision "three parts" the demand of the protection of dc circuit breaker, and improving the national enterprise independent innovation ability in the industry, vigorously push forward technical progress in the sector, further consolidate and expand our factory technical advantages in the field of electric power.

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