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beijing people's electric co., ltd., in the full understanding the clean development mechanism (cdm), the developed countries should bear the historical responsibility of global warming to make the rules, as a developing country, to help the developed countries, taking advantage of the low cost, get technical support from developed countries, in order to promote the sustainable development of developing countries;for the world, the world can achieve common targets under the premise of reducing the total a developing country, we are duty-bound to shoulder the responsibility and obligation, the energy conservation and emissions reduction efforts to the world.need to seek new clean energy for energy conservation and emissions reduction, development of green power, it is the historical mission of the, green flag of wind is the wind fly.
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wind power environmental factors restrict and increases the demand for electric power system protection equipment, a higher level of short circuit and voltage grade requirements.arises at the historic moment, beijing people's electric co., ltd., the development of gw3 - gl series universal type circuit breaker, used in the low temperature environment in wind power system or power distribution network, as a main fan is 690 v switch, fan main export 690 v switch, game booster station 400 v power switch, etc., can meet the fan of up to 2000 kw wind power plant, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, the reliable operation of the system, is the result of beijing people's electric co., ltd., solid peace people unremitting efforts, make the wind thousands of meters "elegant demeanor as people".