department of reliability is introduced



in order to ensure product quality, improve product reliability, our company set up the reliability department, and invested a lot of manpower, the physical reliability test center is established. the reliability test center has a laboratory, a director of several laboratory. in laboratory management, with reference to iso/ts 16949 automobile industry management program for laboratory test personnel and test equipment to carry on the standardized management, and established the enterprise according to iso/ts 16949 standard reliability test center management procedure, to ensure that test items, test facilities, effective management of laboratory business scope accurately and quickly and effectively to understand the intrinsic properties of products, components and raw materials process requirements, to verify that the products, components or raw materials are full


the serial number



test equipment



test categories




dc lab



1) dc selective fit test product hierarchy,
(2) product mechanical and electrical life test life;
(3) product protection characteristic test;
(4) dc short-circuit breaking test products.





single-phase ac lab

(1) communication products temperature rise test;
(2) supervisor selective communication product coincides with the test;
(3) communication product protection characteristic test.





high and low temperature test chamber



the environmental testing of all kinds of involving the temperature;
(2) involving the humidity environment test.





pressure test equipment



1) power frequency withstand voltage test.




product demonstration cabinet



(1) is mainly used for customer visit.




dc250v 4000ah/dc1000v 1000ah直流试验室


high and low temperature environment test chamber

the next step, our company will further extension of reliability test center, plans to research and development of new building underground layer of the whole as a reliability test center, and is expected to invest 5 million yuan (test equipment procurement) only changed the test center to electrical test center business scope includes not only test, include evaluation, don't pass the test, only through the specification file to evaluate product is qualified. which include: (1) the functional testing, performance testing, dc laboratory, single-phase large current lab, three-phase current lab, etc.; (2) the reliability test, including small circuit breaker reliability test equipment (i.e., operating reliability and short circuit protection reliability), molded case circuit breaker reliability test equipment (i.e. operations