the first day of the 2023 china electricity association new energy appliance alliance council meeting and new energy appliance integration development forum is a wonderful broadcast!-2024欧洲杯买球软件

on july 13, 2023, the 2023 china electric power association new energy appliance alliance council meeting and new energy appliance integration development forum were grandly held in xiamen, a beautiful and spring like coastal city.

the conference was co sponsored by shanghai electric appliance research institute and new energy electric appliance alliance of china electric power association. the conference was supported and guided by china electrical appliance industry association and china renewable energy society, undertaken by xiamen kehua digital energy technology co., ltd. and people's electrical appliance factory of shanghai electric appliance co., ltd., and meanwhile delixi electric, beijing people's electrical appliance factory, schneider electric, sokomer electric, shanghai electric power electronics dozens of well-known companies in the industry, such as tianzheng electric, have provided strong support to the conference as gold and silver medal cooperative units. more than 300 professional audiences, including leaders, experts, enterprise representatives from all over the country, renewable energy power generation system industry and low-voltage electrical appliance industry, as well as power companies, research institutes, scientific research institutions, new energy investment companies, energy operation and maintenance companies, and new energy user units, gathered in xiamen for the grand event. the conference also received full coverage from online media, print media, mass media, and industry media such as xiamen tv station, straits network, china news network, china net, "electrical and energy efficiency management technology", "modern building electrical", etc.

yin tianwen, the rotating president of shanghai electric appliance research institute and the chairman of the new energy appliance alliance, made a welcome speech. he affirmed the industry work carried out by the new energy appliance alliance to actively respond to the serious impact of the epidemic in the past year. at the same time, pakatan harapan should actively organize cross industry, cross region interactive exchange activities and enterprise cooperation on technology and solutions across enterprises, actively promoting the integration and interoperability of the two industries, jointly overcoming technological challenges, promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading, and promoting technological progress in the industry.

sun changji, former vice minister of the ministry of machinery industry and honorary chairman of the china electrotechnical society, and liu changsheng, executive vice president of the electrical appliances industry association, respectively delivered speeches on behalf of the china electrotechnical society and the china electrical appliances industry association. they highly praised the various work done by the new energy electrical appliances alliance since its establishment and pointed out the direction for the alliance's next work. sun changji, honorary chairman of the board of directors, specially pointed out that the new energy electrical appliances alliance is a fusion of two industry enterprises in the upstream and downstream industry chains, with the same goal. it has a wide range of integration points in technology innovation and marketing needs. the alliance organization plays a bridging role in it, promoting mutual integration, learning and exchange, and working together to overcome technical difficulties and achieve win-win cooperation. chen sixiong, president of xiamen kehua digital energy technology co., ltd., and mou jian, chief engineer of shanghai electric appliance co., ltd., delivered speeches on behalf of the organizers.

the conference held in-depth discussions on the theme of "digital transformation to open a green future", and arranged a wonderful keynote report: yin tianwen, the rotating president of shanghai electric appliance research institute and the chairman of the new energy appliance alliance, made a keynote report on "the development trend of new power distribution system based on the background of" dual carbon ", and he pointed out that in the process of building a new power system, the power distribution side will fully undertake the access and consumption of distributed energy responsibilities such as microgrid control, regional energy collaborative optimization, and terminal power trading will become important links in achieving a new type of power system. he sorted and analyzed the key technologies, key equipment and systems, standard system architecture, etc. in building a "highly autonomous power distribution system", and analyzed and looked forward to the development direction of the industry in the next stage; mr. sun zhengyun, vice chairman and secretary general of the china energy research association, gave a keynote report on "exploring key technologies to support high proportion new energy consumption". he analyzed in detail the policies and strategic deployments, opportunities and various types of challenges faced by china's energy transformation, and provided prospects for the future of energy transformation; zheng yaodong, a full-time member of the expert committee of china southern power grid corporation, a super strategic technical expert, and the general leader of the major research team on energy storage and renewable energy, made a keynote report on "looking at new energy and energy storage from the perspective of power grid operation". he elaborated on the thinking and exploration of new energy and energy storage from the perspective of power grid operation, and pointed out that new energy should not be misunderstood and discriminated against because of its randomness, intermittency and volatility, it is also mentioned that the allocation ability of energy storage should be viewed calmly from both a holistic and systematic perspective.
the meeting specially invited renowned experts and scholars from the power system, well-known universities, and research institutions engaged in new energy research and development to exchange ideas. they introduced the latest technological research achievements and development trends in the field of new energy from different perspectives. mainly including: the report of "smart microgrid technology with new energy as the main body" made by zhang xing, the second level professor and doctoral advisor of the school of electrical and automation engineering of hefei university of technology, and the director of the national and local joint engineering laboratory of renewable energy grid access technology of hefei university of technology; mr. guo tao, deputy director of the grid standards department of the standardization management center of the china electric power enterprise federation, gave a report on "standard support for the construction of new power systems".

a group of experts from innovative and technologically advanced new energy and electrical elite enterprises also shared their long-term research achievements at the meeting, including zeng chunbao, the general manager of the technology center of xiamen kehua digital energy technology co., ltd., who made a report on "innovative energy storage helps the large-scale application of new energy storage"; gu zhicong, senior engineer of low voltage new energy products at people's electrical factory of shanghai electric appliances co., ltd., presented a report on "shanglian intelligent appliances assisting in the 'double carbon' strategy"; bai jianshe, a senior expert in the product research and development department of delixi electric co., ltd., made a report on "low-carbon development of low-voltage electrical appliances industry under the new power system"; tang wenqing, the architect of the new energy industry of the low voltage market department of schneider electric (china) co., ltd., made the report of "innovation leading and enabling new power system construction"; the report on "safety isolation and energy efficiency monitoring of electrochemical energy storage systems" by liu jun, industry solution manager of suokman electric (shanghai) co., ltd; xia yanhui, director of nanjing research institute of sunshine power supply co., ltd., presented a report on "sharing and prospects of ai empowered high ratio new energy consumption application scenarios"; bing feng, director of the marketing department of zhejiang tianzheng electric co., ltd., made the "low-voltage electrical system solutions for optical storage industry" and so on; zhang shurui, director of the new energy industry at shourui (tianjin) electrical equipment co., ltd., presented reports on "reverse tunnel arc free true safety circuit breakers".
the excellent reports of leaders and experts, based on the "dual carbon strategy" and the policy background of new infrastructure, vividly expounded the relevant policies and development plans, the most cutting-edge and key technologies, and the future application prospects and needs of china's low-voltage electrical appliances industry and new energy industry from the perspective of online new economic model, new application scenarios, new technology development trends, etc. numerous enterprise experts have shared relevant new technologies, new products and solutions, interactive exchanges, and in-depth case studies. it reflects gaoyuan's technological foresight, innovation, and practicality, attracting great interest and attention from the attending representatives. these reports can play an important leading role in better understanding the macro situation, policy guidance, technological innovation hotspots, and the integrated development of enterprises in the two industries for new energy appliance enterprises.

at the same time of the meeting, an exquisite document camera for enterprise product promotion was set up outside the main meeting venue. the conference organizers, gold and silver medal cooperation support units and others displayed their innovative achievements in product, management, process, equipment, materials and other aspects through on-site display, television and video, and fully interacted, discussed and communicated with the participants to achieve mutual benefit, to jointly promote the integrated development and technological progress of china's electrical and renewable energy power generation system industries.