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the 16th (2023) international solar photovoltaics and smart energy (shanghai) conference and exhibition of snec kicked off on may 24th. jingren electric appliances was invited to participate and grandly launched system solutions with new technology support, such as energy storage power station solutions, string photovoltaic power generation solutions, and photovoltaic centralized inverter solutions.
new energy and traditional distribution systems, due to their high voltage, large capacity, and the injection of huge energy into the outside world during short circuits, often cause explosion injuries and personal accidents. eliminating the safety hazards of circuit breakers has become a world-class technical challenge, restricting the development of distribution system technology and causing significant resource waste! beijing people's electric appliance factory co., ltd., with 30 years of research achievements in dc arc, has successfully developed a circuit breaker - the true safety arc free circuit breaker (svm51-pt) that can withstand the installation of copper busbars, bringing china's arc breaking technology to the world's leading level.
the svm51-630pt product adopts lateral transfer and reverse tunnel deionization and sealing technology, ensuring that there is no visible arc light at the incoming busbar end, ensuring long-term operation without short circuit safety risks, and reducing the usage of copper busbar conductors by about 30%.
the extinguishing of dc arcs has been plagued by large capacity multi action contacts, and solutions in the industry are to increase volume and connect multiple poles in series. our svm51-1600pt product adopts the "forced arc isolation magnetic field increasing c-type arc extinguishing unit technology" to achieve a bipolar dc1500v/1600a structure, saving customers a lot of resources and leading the technological development of large capacity, small volume, and high voltage dc circuit breakers.

1. jingren electric appliances debuted at snec with the latest photovoltaic and energy storage system solutions

2. no risk of arc short circuit, truly safe body, no flashover, copper saving series dc circuit breaker detonates all over the site

3. jingren electric's new solutions and technologies have gained high recognition from customers

4. jingren electric's photovoltaic and energy storage core new products and technologies have been grandly released

svm51-630pt reverse tunnel true safety arc free dc circuit breaker
innovative reverse tunneling arc free technology.
multiple interleaving and sealing technologies ensure that there is no visible arc light at the incoming end.
high voltage, high breaking, and few poles, achieving the breaking capacity of dc1500v that could only be achieved with 4 poles using only 2 poles, once again breaking industry standards.
truly safe, highly safe. created a precedent for air circuit breakers to prevent secondary damage to surrounding equipment through their own technological improvements.
● a simpler installation method facilitates on-site wiring operations and equipment wiring.
● the svm51-630pt reverse tunnel arc free true safety circuit breaker can effectively ensure the safety of high-voltage boxes, centralized inverters, and other equipment without the risk of secondary short circuits; the upper part has no visible arc light design that can be installed close to the copper bar, effectively reducing the usage of copper conductors by customers, and significantly reducing the usage of conductors (about 30%) while improving safety. deeply loved by users, recognized and highly praised by customers.

svm51-1600pt high capacity high breaking dc circuit breaker
innovation point 1: forced isolation technology, when the contact is opened, quickly drives the arc isolating component to block the arc, improving the breaking ability.
innovation point 2: large opening design, which quickly elongates and cools the arc when the contact is opened, improving the breaking performance.
● innovation point 3: c-type arc extinguishing chamber technology, which enables more arc extinguishing grids to be arranged in the same volume, quickly extinguishing arcs, and improving arc extinguishing performance.
● innovation point 4: magnetic blowing strengthening technology adopts forced magnetic blowing technology, which allows the arc to enter the arc extinguishing chamber faster and improves the breaking capacity of the product.
beijing people's electric appliance factory co., ltd., as an enterprise specializing in industrial electrical protection that provides comprehensive intelligent industrial electrical protection solutions, adheres to the value orientation of "exceeding customer value needs", develops high-tech with independent intellectual property rights, and transforms and applies independent innovative proprietary technologies. continue to leverage the advantage of "leading in comprehensive application technology", lead the innovation direction of photovoltaic technology, and vigorously explore the field of "photovoltaic smart energy", making every effort to set a good vanguard for china's dual carbon goal; we are also striving to be the leader, promoter, and pioneer of clean and low-carbon energy transformation in the process of building a new type of power system with new energy as the main body. to lay the foundation for further opening up the international market. enterprises always integrate innovative concepts into all aspects of technology and services, meticulously creating every product and solution. by promoting industrial automation, digitization, and intelligence, improving industrial efficiency and competitiveness, injecting new impetus into economic development, and injecting new vitality into the entire manufacturing industry's industrial chain, value chain, and development model.