hydroelectric and thermal power-2024欧洲杯买球软件

beijing people's electric co., ltd., as a special electric equipment research and development base, special protection for power system of special industry electrical requirements to provide technical services, with the development of hydraulic power technology in china and improve our products technology is also growing rapidly.at the same time, we pay attention to the power plant technology research capability, has been holding the tenet of science and technology innovation, timely launch of marketable new products, makes the core competitiveness of enterprises continuously improve and improve.
in 2001, beijing people's electric co., ltd., with the help of experts, suggested that the dc test station, capacity of 3000 ah dc250v.our dc test station is now open to the public, to undertake the provincial electric power test research institute set up research topic, for the product development, and application of dc system provides a research base, for the safe and stable operation of dc system to provide technical support, at present, and beijing, shijiazhuang, xi 'an, hangzhou, guangzhou, changsha, jilin and so on electric power unit for battery charge and discharge, and all kinds of dc system operation, the technical performance of selective protection appliances with experimental research work.
welcome to the relevant units to continue cooperation, dc power supply system for electric power project of safe and reliable operation to make due contributions to develop high quality products.