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in the 1980 s, from the independent design and manufacture of qinshan nuclear power plant in our country, the introduction of the technical equipment and the construction of daya bay nuclear power plant, so far our country gradually complete nuclear scientific research system and scientific research team, we already have enough nuclear power research and development and application technology, at present our country has built with international level of large-scale nuclear power technology base, can basically meet the needs of independent design, for the technology progress and the subsequent development provides a powerful guarantee.based on our country is now in the key techniques in the development of the third generation, fourth generation nuclear power.
application in nuclear power equipment manufacturing, the domestic already have design and manufacture of million kilowatt pressurized water reactor nuclear power units the ability of most of the equipment.operation of the relevant equipment manufacturers, such as harbin, shanghai, sichuan three east power equipment manufacturing base and the first, second, heavy machinery manufacturing group has become the backbone of the large nuclear power equipment manufacture enterprise.
beijing people's electric co., ltd., based on the special electrical professional production base, is peaceful people hard to nuclear power application system, developed a high level of nuclear power is special protection appliances - gm5fb dc circuit breaker series, the series of products are mainly used in nuclear power station dc power supply system, as an important control and protection of electrical equipment, for the safe and reliable operation of the nuclear technology and nuclear power plants.
product features:
have to class 1 e safe nuclear power reactors can be completed safety shutdown, containment isolation, core cooling and necessary to the heat from the containment and discharge reactor, or are necessary to prevent excessive emissions of radioactive substances into the environment safety level.
have high life
complete seismic identification
it was not by accident environment condition test
it was not by accident environment conditions after the test
when run the aging, thermal aging resistance, irradiation ageing