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time flies and years change. in a twinkling of an eye, a busy year has passed, accompanied by passion and challenges, into 2019. on the occasion of the lantern festival, the 2009 new year's lantern festival gala and the 2018 employee recognition conference of the seoul rui group were held in beijing longxi weijing international conference center (golden hall) on february 19. all the employees gathered together to talk about the past and the present.

at the beginning of the evening, chairman nan yin nandong delivered a new year's speech, reviewing the achievements made by seoul and switzerland, looking forward to the bright future, and expressing deep wishes to the staff. the chairman of the board of directors pointed out that in the face of the complicated situation of increasing downward pressure and further releasing of risk factors, the group has formulated the general tone of the work of striving for rapid progress in a stable way. guided by the spirit of "dignity, leanness, innovation and excellence" of shourui, the group should emancipate the mind, seize opportunities, be good at creating, overcome difficulties, struggle tenaciously and manage scientifically so as to accomplish the tasks of 2019 successfully. and continue to work hard!" the chairman's speech is exciting, and the staff are full of passion and longing.

2018 is a year worth remembering for the people of seoul, which has flowers and applause, sweat and tears, and beautiful wind and sunshine and stormy waves.
looking back on 2018, seoul has made remarkable achievements, which can not be separated from the hard work of the people in seoul. after the speech, the company leaders awarded the advanced staff awards, excellent design awards and advanced collective awards respectively to the advanced staff, excellent design team and advanced collective representatives to encourage them.

the lantern festival gala officially opened in the graceful dance of "auspicious china", and the staff of each branch exhibited their respective strengths, bringing you a wonderful audiovisual feast. in the meantime, there are aesthetic chinese bagpipes solo, healthy and upward gymnastics performance "workplace exercise", lighting up the whole sketch "four great talents" and "white snake sequel" and so on. the climax comes up one after another, which makes people unable to see and laugh off the stage.
finally, a song "family in love" closes the gap between us. the sweat of the past is turned into a glass of wine. we all drink together, accompanied by warmth and touching, to release the pride of the shourui people.


in addition to the splendid programs, the evening also set up exciting lottery links, rich gifts and cash red envelopes, making the scene boiling.

the party ended here, but the pursuit of dreams by the people of seoul will not stop. the dream is full, and the future of seoul is even more worth looking forward to.
farewell to 2018, we are ready to start; into 2019, we will use action to interpret "wisdom to lead, create 10 billion shrews".
seoul switzerland group adheres to the value orientation of "exceeding customer value needs", develops high and new technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and innovates the transformation and application of proprietary technologies. continue to give full play to the advantages of "high-performance products, excellent quality, thoughtful service" and strive to build a "global special electrical research base" strategic planning, so as to continue to lay our company's important position in the domestic market of the same industry.




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