beijing people's electrical appliances factory co., ltd. attended the 5th summit forum of electrical appliances and energy efficiency management technology in 2019-2024欧洲杯买球软件

shanghai, china, august 29, 2019 - a new round of industrial revolution is rising. energy technology is becoming the driving force leading the transformation of energy industry and achieving innovation-driven development. digitalization, decentralization, low-carbon and electrification have become the main trends in this field. beijing people's electrical appliance factory co., ltd. attended the 5th "electrical appliances and energy efficiency management technology" summit forum in 2019, and fully demonstrated the digital manufacturing equipment. fully demonstrate the comprehensive competitiveness of technological progress, development and innovation and enterprise management.

based on this background, the 5th "electrical appliances and energy efficiency management technology" summit forum in 2019, with the theme of "reliable, intelligent and green", invited many experts in the field of energy efficiency management policy and technology to conduct in-depth discussions with a view to promoting the development and technological progress of china's electrical appliances, energy management and energy-saving technology and related manufacturing industries, and jointly promoting the rapid and high-quality promotion of energy internet. enter.

beijing people's electrical appliance co., ltd. has carried gw51 series dc frame circuit breaker, gm51 series dc plastic case circuit breaker, gp1-63 series intelligent small dc circuit breaker, gm5fb series thermomagnetic selective dc circuit breaker, gz2j dc insulation monitoring device and other dc products. the company has made a series of outstanding achievements in wind power, solar power generation and other aspects from manufacture to development. that's it. relying on the advanced intelligent technology, the company extends to the flexible hvdc transmission project. the intelligent substation is widely promoted. the flexible access of electric vehicles and distributed generators has made significant progress. the power electronic devices, energy storage technology and superconducting transmission have made considerable progress. specific products are as follows:
focus on providing high quality products and complete technical solutions for dc distribution system

gw51 series dc frame circuit breakers

functional characteristics:
high voltage: rated voltage up to dc1500v, 2-pole switch off dc1000v
high current: rated current up to 4000a
type: common type, circuit breaker and disconnector for power supply of power electronic transformer
rapid response: total breakdown time less than 25 ms
structural features:
new dynamic and static contact structure and arc extinguishing system bring high interruption performance
small volume: measurement and protection module is built-in, without external shunt and release.
high precision: measuring accuracy to level 1 electric energy measurement
gm51 series dc molded case circuit breaker

functional characteristics:
high voltage: rated voltage to dc1500v
high current: rated current up to 1600a
high breaking capacity: breaking capacity up to 120 ka (50 ka at dc1500v) ics = 100% icu
super current limiting capability, shortest time to extinguish arc
structural features:
new contact system: unique design of strong repulsion, large opening distance, with repulsion and blocking function
small volume: 630 shelf product length 235 mm, 160 shelf triode product width 81 mm
with isolation function
gp1-63 series intelligent small dc circuit breaker

functional characteristics:
overcurrent protection: with two-stage and three-stage overcurrent protection, breaking capacity 20ka
grounding line selection: it has the function of measuring dc leakage current, and can realize grounding fault line selection with dc insulation monitoring device.
state monitoring: it has the function of monitoring the state of circuit breaker (opening and closing position, fault tripping)
intelligent communication: real-time acquisition of leakage current and circuit breaker status
structural features:
integral structure: simplify the installation process of discrete electrical components in cabinet
space optimization: width 36 mm, standard cabinet single row installation up to 16 routes
local indication: with live load indication, operation indication, insulation status display, address display
gm5fb series thermomagnetic selective dc circuit breakers

functional characteristics:
full-range anti-time delay characteristics: breakthrough to achieve full-range anti-time delay protection characteristics
small volume: gm5fb-63 is only 36mm wide, which is consistent with the width of ordinary two-stage products.
high breaking capacity: gm5fb-250, gm5fb-800 breaking capacity up to 65 ka.
gm5fb-63 has a breaking capacity of up to 20 ka.
zero flying arc: zero flying arc of full series circuit breakers
gz2j dc insulation monitoring device

functional characteristics:
system safety assessment based on capacitance analysis
design of safe single arm bridge and compensation bridge
fault monitoring and line selection of ac channeling into dc
two sets of dc channeling monitoring
initial display type dc leakage current sensor
beijing people's electrical appliance factory co., ltd. is an enterprise that provides comprehensive intelligent industrial electrical protection solutions. it adheres to the value orientation of "super customer value demand", develops high and new technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and innovates the transformation and application of proprietary technologies independently. enterprises always put the concept of innovation throughout all levels of technology and services, and carefully build every product and solution. by promoting industrial automation, digitalization and intellectualization, improving industrial efficiency and competitiveness, injecting new impetus into economic development, and injecting new vitality into the industrial chain, value chain and development mode of the whole manufacturing industry.